Genkai and Toguro had a long history together but they chose different of how they live their lives. They used to be a great team fighting demons and he considers her a beautiful girl. She was foolish to believe that he would change but he didn’t as he’s evil. As the battle begins, Toguro increased his muscle strength like he’s on steroids. Genkai doesn’t have enough power left since she gave her powers to Yusuke so she have to use Spirit Waves wisely. She attacks Toguro while she got hurt by his attack. Her attack have no effect on him as he can heal himself. He continues to increase his strength to 80% while everyone senses his Demon Energy. He unleashes a Demon Energy wave to Genkai but she evades his attack. She uses her Spirit Wave but Toguro blocks it with his hands. He believe that she’s not the same Genkai she used to be because she gave up the chance of being great. Toguro is too strong and he defeated her as she’s laying on the ground covered in blood. Yusuke is too late to save his teacher.

Genkai vs Toguro

Yusuke checks his teacher to see if she’s okay. Back then, Genkai was forced to participate in the Dark Tournament since she won last time. When she won, she doesn’t want to be bothered by the organization again. She used to team up with Team Toguro and they were the winners of the Dark Tournament. Toguro was a human until he turned into a high ranked demon with the power to live forever and never age with absolute power. Genkai explains to Yusuke that Toguro ran away from that fight and she doesn’t want him to do the same thing or it will affect the people he cared and loved. She wants him to win the Dark Tournament and she died. RIP GENKAI….😭 While Toguro speaks ill about Genkai, Yusuke wants him to shut up as he doesn’t even know anything but he got punched in the face by Toguro. He thinks his heart wasn’t in the fight. Yusuke is thinking about the crazy memories he had with his teacher Genkai training to become stronger. He wants to make Toguro pay for what he did to Genkai.

Genkai fallen

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