The leader of Rokuyukai’s team Zeru entered the ring and Hiei decided to fight him. The match begins with Zeru trying to intimidate him by showing his abundant amount of Spirit Energy but he was unfazed. Hiei was dodging Zeru’s fireball attacks but some of the demon crowd was killed by his attack. Zeru continues to produce a lot of heat energy and absorbs the flames into his body. He punched Hiei’s stomach but while he’s in the air, he release a huge ball of heat and it was a direct hit on Hiei. While he’s burned into a crisp, Zeru won the match as he continues to insult him to show his arrogance.

Hiei vs Zeru

Hiei survived from Zeru’s fire attack but he plans to unleash his most baddest, powerful technique called Dragon of the Darkness Flame. Kurama and Koenma were in disbelief that Hiei would use that technique and it’s extremely dangerous. This is the first time he could use that technique while everyone watches in shock when he release the Dragon. While Zeru was showing fear, he was pull into oblivion and he’s gone. Hiei won the match and Team Urameshi leads 2-1 in the Dark Tournament.

Dragon of the Darkness Flame

Two demon members of Team Rokuyukai were scared of Hiei but when they were fleeing, they were killed by the real team leader Chu. He tells the demon crowd that he’s not on the starting roster because he lost in a game of Rock, Paper, Scissors. Everyone can’t feel his Spirit Energy as they’re underestimating. When Koto calls for Team Urameshi to send out a member, Yusuke finally steps in the ring. He woken up from the smell of alcohol from Chu as he’s drunk. After all the heavy sleeping, he finally wakes up from an alcohol smell. He’s ready to fight him as he’s feeling cocky and confident. He received a hostile chant from the demon crowd saying “Kill Yusuke.” Kurama and Hiei understands that Chu is the real team leader and a strong opponent. When he continues to drink before the match, he’s ready to fight Yusuke despite he’s drunk fighting but it’s part of his strength. This is going to be a difficult match for Yusuke as he’s fighting a drunken fighter.

Chu drinking

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